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30-Minute Full-Body Strength-Training Workout With Weights

4.9 Stars · 63 Reviews
Grab a pair of medium (8 to 20 pound) free weights for this workout and get ready for a challenge!
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 63 Reviews
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Luckas Paul @master234
March 30, 2024
Did the trick!
Just what I was looking for. Good burn!
Meg @fitonthehill
November 05, 2023
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Albert Holland @Albert0
September 02, 2023
that's great
I like this workout because its easy to adjust each step if you are feeling like moving fast or slow on any given day .https://www.idigic.io/
Chae-Won @Chae-Won
December 06, 2022
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October 15, 2022
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Williams Packard @williamspackard5
September 23, 2022
Great workout to add variety
I like this workout because its easy to adjust each step if you are feeling like moving fast or slow on any given day.
Amanda Parrish @AmandaParrish
January 26, 2022
A Favorite
I love this workout! An incredible warm-up and cool down round out this intense, positive workout. I love that I can use heavier weights and go faster as I get stronger. The instructor is AWESOME
November 10, 2021
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Lê Trần Duy BS @drletranduybs
August 10, 2021
Great workout
Love that you can increase the weight and continue to build strength and muscle.....excellent direction, and fun trainer! Well done Betina!!
roxanne @MickeyMoo16
July 15, 2021 Victoria, BC Canada
Fun energy & great workout
You will sweat! All 3 ladies had amazing energy; great combo. Workout was difficult and effective. Will do many times!
Melissa @missmaxson
March 31, 2021
Pooja @poojabhar
January 31, 2021
Betinas mood is the BEST! Get's me excited to work out every time <3 Please bring more workouts with her. The exercises on this one do wonders for me and my back. Plus, i've done this so many times now that I actually feel stronger and doing other types of workouts seem easier!
Marcela Rollemberg @marcelaroll
January 23, 2021
Loved the energy and encouragement. My legs are feeling it!:)
Winnie @winnieworkingout
January 10, 2021
Love the cheerful attitude and pace
Loved the energy of this class and the great mental visuals of straightening your back so you're holding your favorite margarita or bubble tea. Got a good sweat in, and will definitely keep this workout in the rotation. Thank you!
January 03, 2021
Great workout
Tihana Otmačić @titaotma
November 22, 2020
Full body strength workout!
I love this workout! It's a total body workout with a bit of cardio. I really like the instructor and that there are a lot of slow movements to really focus on your muscles. It's a great workout that I continue to come back to!
Mikayla Logan @mikayla.logan
October 17, 2020
Effective & fast strength workout
Loved how efficient this full-body workout is!
Emma Caplan @EmmaC16
September 07, 2020
Love This Workout - So Much Fun!
I have done this one a few times. It is always a good total body work out and you have options to adjust out weights.
Leann Martin @zulujulu
August 27, 2020 California
Such a good one!
It doesn't start like it's going to kick your butt, but don't worry :) I really like Betina and her workouts from Nike Fitness too, so I was definitely happy to find her here.
Alyssa @blyssa
August 18, 2020
Nice workout that you can intensify with heavier weights. I liked that it was a great workout without hurting my knees. Worked up a good sweat! Thank you, it was just what I needed!
D Koo @Notolady
July 31, 2020
Simple and sweaty! Loved it!!!!
Loidalee @loidalee
July 21, 2020
One of my all-time favs!
LOVE this workout! It's challenging and fun and Anna and Betina are a great duo. I keep coming back to this once or twice a week and I never get bored. Well done, Popsugar!
Jami Brandli @jamibrandli
July 01, 2020
Jenny’s mom
Like all the other reviews - great workout, great instructor and adaptable to all levels. Thank you.
Sandra @Jennysmom
June 17, 2020
Love this👍🏻👏👏
Great workout!, and I like it so much thanks popsugar, because of you now I have a rutine to workout every morning
Delmy Dominguez @dominguezdelmy
June 01, 2020
Thanks Popsugar
Ana @Garcia
May 19, 2020
best workout!
awesome workout for all levels!!!!!!
Cate @catie
May 18, 2020
Great instructor, good beginner's weight workout
Love Betina, she has great energy, would love more classes from her! Wish the first circuit was a little more challenging, but overall it got me sweating and my muscles were burning!
Lauren Roberts @LaurenECRoberts
May 14, 2020
Great and happy workout !
very nice workout !
Myriam Leduc @myriamleduc0
May 13, 2020
a burner
When I first started I was like hmm this isn't what I was expecting, and then the 2nd part started and I was sucking wind! Great workout, loved the instructor!
Lyndsey Oraw @lyndseyoraw
May 12, 2020
30-Minute Full-Body Strength-Training Workout With Weights
Loved this!! So many options for so much burn in only half an hour!
May 06, 2020
Great workout
Great challenging workout. Good mood workout. Instructor made it all fun. Love it. Thank you!!!
Inessa Tom @Inessa
May 02, 2020
Short, tough and effective!
This was a great quick full body workout!! Challenging enough and great fun!
Ratna Hirani @ratnahirani
April 30, 2020
One of my Favs
The pace was perfect - I've done videos in a different app where it seems to either be all chat or rapid fire. This was inbetween! The lead trainer was great, the best one I've seen in a Popsugar video. She had great positivity and enthusiasm and even gave form tips I've never heard before, and I work out regularly.
Candace @thechawkes
April 28, 2020
Great workout!
Nothing too strenuous, good direction and nice warmup & cooldown
Candyse Cotner @candysecotner
April 20, 2020
Great strength workout
This one just flew by! It was challenging, but not so much so I wanted to give up. I wasn't feeling very motivated today, but as soon as I started, I was so happy I did!
Sarah @sarahburger
April 17, 2020
Solid workout
This is a solid workout with a good number of fundamental movements. It will do the work for sure. The circuits are a little boring.
April 06, 2020
Susan McKinney
I thoroughly enjoyed this workout, even more than the 10 min arm strength workout I had been doing prior. It's more challenging and fun too! The energy level and enthusiasm of all 3 ladies helps keep me motivated :)
Susan McKinney @smckinney
April 02, 2020
good workout
Some of the moves got a little repetitive but overall I really enjoyed it. It was a tough workout. I did a 15 min dance routine to warm up so felt great when done. I live her stretches and modifications. I think I may even start with smaller weights 5 lb and move up to 8 lb with circuits.
mikal @nolalady
April 01, 2020
Muy buena rutina , la combinacion con pesas.
Andrea Del Carmen Prieto Criollo @lunapick
April 01, 2020
Perfect A-Z workout
Covered all the bases. Nice people. Great modifications. I will return to this one!
Kelly Rodriguez @kar3579
March 31, 2020
Great quarantine workout and the videos are quick enough to stay motivated to do daily.
Kim Legaspi @kimberly.meas-legaspi
March 31, 2020
Awesome Workout
I love this strength training workout especially with the weights. My muscles are burning. Please, do more strength training exercises with the weights. Thanks ladies
Tiny @hiitstrong
March 30, 2020
Strenght and full body
Fabulous ladies, thanks
goodwin @joe
March 29, 2020
Great workout
Great full body workout and fantastic instructor.
Emily Harper @postivityemily
March 29, 2020
all in needed
Soni @Sonila
March 28, 2020
Good Quick Workout
I would put this in the beginner-intermediate category. It was a fun quick 30 minutes, slow build to pumping heart rate! Great modifications for those who need it. The instructors are awesome!
TAWest @tawest64
March 27, 2020 Indiana
Good energy
Instructors are energetic and offer modifications. Exercises are simple but with your body! I’m not a home workout person but this reminded me of being in a class
Tina C @tcha23
March 27, 2020
So good! Just what I needed!
Vm @vlm90
March 27, 2020
Be careful if you have low back injuries
Pretty good workout but I had to change some exercises. I have a pre existing low back issues (back surgery for spinal stenosis) and the twisting motion with the dumbbell and the one leg deadlift were pretty painful so I made up my own. But the instructor was fun so that was a plus. Next time I will get at least 20lb dumbbells!
Emily Souther @sweetbay1002
March 26, 2020
Awesome workout
Workout was great, but I just need heavier dumbbells :D Either way, I am sweaty, I feel great and this was awesome. Thank You!
Lauma @Lauma_Laumiite
March 26, 2020
Great workout
Really great workout - starts off slower but circuit 2 pumps up the heat!
Lisa White @liseyj
March 25, 2020
Awesome low key workout
I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels but finished her dvd so I have this a try. Such a better atmosphere and happier! Jillian is all work hard and keep going, which is great! But these girls threw in some banter and that helped me get through it that much faster. Definitely will keep doing popsugar!!
Jenny @jenny_gaskill
March 25, 2020
great home workout
I am a 64 year old woman, who has done moderate exercise most of my life. Since I am not able to use the gym during the Corona Virus situation, I am doing more home workouts. This gave me such a good, quick workout. I will definitely put it in my favorites. Thank you!
Nancy Schodroski @nschod
March 23, 2020
Great quick workout
Perfect for breaking a sweat based on the weights used. Very positive bubbly instructor! Definitely will do this workout again!
Ann @beachozawa
March 23, 2020
Great workout!!
I was very surprised by this workout!! Kept me going and wow!!! What a great all over workout!! Loved it!! Can’t wait to try others!
Stacy Laukhuff @moomoosmom
March 22, 2020
Great Workout
Fantastic workout that challenges your whole body.
Louise Weber @Dilly
March 22, 2020
Great workout for most levels!
Love all of the popsugar workouts! This one could be for beginner/intermediate, then you can challenge yourself as you get stronger. Gets a lot done in 30 minutes
Colleen Zoltowski @czoltows
March 19, 2020 NJ
A leg workout that keeps me going!
I am home long-term during this whole social distancing thing and love that this program was offered for free! It got me motivated to take care of myself with all this free time. This was my first video I've done with Active. I am such a quitter when it comes to tough leg workouts, but this had enough variety and modifications to keep me going! And I really need the leg workouts because I'm trying to get in shape for hiking and longer backpacking trips! I will definitely be coming back to this one. Full disclosure: I did quit in the final round, but my goal is to one day be able to do it all :) Thank you for providing these resources during this crazy time!
Mandi @Gumbledore
March 18, 2020
Awesome Workout!
This was just the right amount of strength and cardio I was looking for in a quick 30 minute workout! I broke a sweat without having to do burpees! Everyone in the video especially the lead instructor had great energy too and I liked the suggested modifications. I can't wait to try other workouts!
Trang Chuong @thiminh8
March 18, 2020
Great strength, endurance and cardio
Starts slow with strength moves but circuit 2 kicks it up and ends with a bang. Great workout!
Alaina Pattillo @lainycarey
March 18, 2020
Great workout!
Needed a break from work to get my mind right. This definitely did it! Thanks Popsugar!!
Kimberly @kelferin
March 18, 2020
I did this workout this morning. I LOVE Betina's bubbly attitude and how real she is! That is what helped me push through it! #imfeelingtheburn
Krissi @krissi2380
March 17, 2020 NYC