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30-Minute Full-Body Cardio

5.0 Stars · 72 Reviews

JakeΒ DuPreeΒ is back to take you through a non-stop cardio and full body toning workout. Be prepared to get breathless with an intense warmup that includes mountain climbers and jump squats. Grab a pair of light free weights to take it up a level (and really burn out your arms!)

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 72 Reviews
Great Job
i enjoyed all the workshop. jack is simply amazing. a quick but effective home workout. THANKS https://buyozempiconlineireland.org/
Winona @Winona35
November 02, 2023
Jake is alwais super, rhythm,intensity and effectiveness at the top
barbara @babi67
May 21, 2023
Good job Jake
! Ho fatto fatica, ho sudato e mi sono divertita! Domani chi le sente le braccia...
mcri @mcri
February 14, 2023
Great Learing :)
My first workout with Jake: AMAZING! he's a lovely killer. Great workout.
dilkhus.com @dilkhus
November 27, 2022
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October 09, 2022
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Williams Packard @williamspackard5
September 23, 2022
One of my faves
Great full body workout - I really like the variety of exercises including some good booty burners! I only have 5kg dumbells so was really feeling the burn in my arms too!
wongstar @wongstar19
August 30, 2021
Love Jake's workouts. This one is a little tougher than usual, but that's what you expect from Jake. He pushes you to do better. Transitions were a little rough, especially standing to floor, floor to standing. Great way to round out my morning's workouts. (#4 was my favorite number, I may have to re-think that....) Love ya! Barbara/Nancy/Linda/Chickadee
D Koo @Notolady
July 30, 2021
a really good one
i loved it, thanks jake
fiorella @fiorell.a
April 23, 2021
Love Jake's workouts - they are so much fun, even though weirdly enough he keeps repeating the number 4.... ??
Johann @johann
March 22, 2021
Full-Body Cardio but too intensive for me!
I need to practise.....
Carla Dantas @Carla_Dantas
February 17, 2021
Loved it!
Loidalee @loidalee
December 14, 2020
Once you go Jake...
My first workout with Jake: AMAZING! he's a lovely killer. Great workout. truly complete Can't wait to do more of his classes :)
martina @martylafayette
November 19, 2020
Turns out high intensity and sarcasm DO go well together - so awesome.
Ellen Henderson-Madhavan @ehm
November 11, 2020
Best motivation
Jake is the best!!!
Katy Flores @katyflores
October 08, 2020
Loved it
Jake always surprises me with some new exercise I have never seen before, keeping it fresh and stimulating. His workouts are superb.
Judy Barringer @JBBerlin
October 04, 2020
Great quick intense workout
I did this workout this morning followed by a abs Workout . I love the instructor he makes it so much fun to watch and take part . For only 30 mins it well worth the workout .
September 22, 2020
Though but great workout.
Giulia @giuliafreitas
September 11, 2020
A tad too fast but absolutely awesome!
Great workout, discovered Jake with this one and hooked! Great moves, I love that these are not circuits where you have to start all over at some point: I find those not only very boring but also total spirit-breakers! Here, you work absolutely everything and Jake is a great instructor! I usually put my own music but with this one, I keep the original sound on for his nice comments and attentions (kitty-cats and little chickens much appreciated in the middle of the tough work, so sweet!).
Sophie @fonf64
September 05, 2020
New Favourite
My hubby and I did this workout two days ago and it was killer - he was so impressed with how hard it was. We will definitely be doing it again. :)
Clare Bezjak @clareandbruno
July 17, 2020
Super workout
I definetly recommend it, you work everything and it's fun!!
Alejandra Ulecia @alejandraulecia
June 25, 2020
30 minute killer
Jake is ruthless. A great 30 minute workout due to few and very short breaks. Your heart rate stays up
Sarah Marloff @SarahMarloff
May 21, 2020
Omg, he is so funny but I think he kind of love/hate us haha. Im feeling like BARBARA... AMAZING
Alondra @alocuba
May 05, 2020
So intense
This is not easy. The tempo is very fast so be prepared to be winded immediately. However, Jake changes the moves up just quickly enough to keep you going right when you want to quit.
Lauren Roberts @LaurenECRoberts
May 04, 2020
Amazing workout, as always!
Irene Avila @Irenestylelife
May 04, 2020
Great workout!
My downstairs neighbours probably hate me right now.
Kat @KittyNewman
May 03, 2020
Jake's The Best
Fantastic workout with Jake :)
Taline Soualian @talyasoualy
May 03, 2020
Jake’s workouts are the best!!
Love love love this workout!
Meggie @Meggieblondich
May 01, 2020
One of my favorites!
I love Jake's workouts!
Minerva Bolanos @mineerb
April 25, 2020
Love it!!
Jake's workouts are always a great challenge and get me pumped to keep going. I Like to revisit his workouts often to keep track of my progress throughout my fitness journey! Great workout for a spring/summer morning.
BEE @Brea
April 18, 2020
Mariana @mariana267arango
April 16, 2020
I loved it! It was so intense but it was worth it!
Kayla Colon @kayceexo
April 14, 2020
So varied - loved it
Teresa Fink @tfink99
April 11, 2020
Jake is the best!
All of his workouts really give you an amazing feeling of accomplishment! The best instructor!
Ach @spika
April 04, 2020
Cardio burn
This was good workout. The arms section burned. I will definitely come back to this workout again.
elisha S @es22
April 03, 2020
great workout in a short time!
Irene Morrison @IJentz
April 03, 2020
More Jake please!
He's a ray of sunshine, but such a tough trainer! I LOVE everything about him and his workout! Thank you PopSugar and Jake!
Sophia Scaletta @sophiascaletta
April 01, 2020
Tough workout!
I love Jake and his workouts are killer! This one went a little too fast for me. I would have liked a few more seconds to transition into the next move/exercise. But otherwise, really challenging workout!
Laura Ames @laura0508
April 01, 2020
As always, JAKE IS AMAZING!!
Loved it!
Yoli @Yolili
April 01, 2020
Get ready to sweat!
... I'll tell you how I feel tomorrow :p
Ingrid Contreras Arias @ingridcca
March 31, 2020
Great Workout
Fast paced and fun! Kept the momentum going and loved the pace. Will do it again!
March 30, 2020
Perfect Midday Boost
Jake keeps it movingβ€”with actual moves and fun commentaryβ€”and it felt great to get my heart rate up.
Natalie @natfinnone
March 30, 2020
Jake is awesome!
This was pretty tough for me. Can't wait to try it again without stopping the video several times. I feel stronger already!
Colleen Zoltowski @czoltows
March 29, 2020 NJ
Excellent as always
tatiana roman @tati2512
March 29, 2020
love it!
fun! great workout!
Alicja @acia159
March 29, 2020
Great fun
Gets the blood flowing
claire @clairebeynon
March 28, 2020
super good
enjoyed Jake and team. thoughtful. challenging and only 30 minutes!
stacie orloff @stacieoblum59
March 27, 2020
loved it!
i enjoyed all the workshop. jack is simply amazing. a quick but effective home workout. THANKS
Francesca Borsato @borsatofrancesca
March 27, 2020
The Best!
Not only is an awesome workout, but Jake is the human being we all aspire to be.
Naz Fulton @nazhfulton
March 26, 2020
Great workout
This workout is so lively and engaging. I am very glad to say I broke a sweat todayπŸ˜…!!!
Audrey @aburke
March 26, 2020
Jake is fun
Jake is one of my favourite trainers - active all the time and really fun to be working out with!! When I am in the mood for a challenge - I'd be always right with Jake!
Mariam @Majam
March 26, 2020
xfect full body workout
Just great - time flies while ur muscles burn :)
roberta @robertamaio
March 26, 2020
it's killing my muscles
Always love workout by Jake! He is funny, his workout is fun, no repetition, and most importantly, my whole body muscles has been worked really hard!
Sheila Theresa @ho_sheila
March 25, 2020
Whoa Baby!
What a great & intense workout! I know I will be feeling this one tomorrow!
Kinsey Flauding @Kinserella
March 25, 2020
Intense and funny at the same time.
Silke De Keyser @Silke
March 25, 2020
Full body workout, amazing energy from Jake!
terezia assaf @teassaf
March 25, 2020
Amazing workout!
Rishawn Schells @queenamara_love
March 24, 2020
love it
just love it
katarina @katarina
March 23, 2020
More Jake Please!
Great, quick but action-packed full body workout!
Katie O’Connor @kroconnor
March 22, 2020
Loved it!
What a great workout! I do appreciate the modifications when needed. I definitely got my sweat on, and Jake is such a character, and extremely motivational!!! More Jake please!
Paige G Kervan @pkervan
March 22, 2020
Great way to get sweaty!
I loved the unpredictability of this workout! It made it go by very fast. Nancy was hilarious, which always helps when I'm huffing and puffing. I didn't have weights and just used the two heaviest cans of soup I could find, still got a great burn in. Would recommend for anyone!
Ashley @ashleywindwhistler
March 20, 2020
I just love & adore Jack DuPree, the workouts are intense but thanks to his sense of humour and fabulous personality the time just fly by...Thank you JackπŸ’› and PopSugarπŸ’š
lara @lararory
March 20, 2020
Love it
Non-stop workout that works every muscle in the body. Love your sense of humour and relentless workouts Jake! Feeling fabulous after this workout :)
Sam Donald @Sammy_Jo33
March 20, 2020
follow jenny
well done
goodwin @joe
March 20, 2020
The best
I love Jake!!
Veronica @VeroG
March 19, 2020
Best Total Body Workout!
I love Jake and his workouts! His workouts are always challenging, funny and motivating! What is not to love?! 5 stars definitely recommended.
Lianne @liannelegaspi
September 20, 2019
I will download it now.
For sale @ircyagcahr
July 03, 2019
Never disappointing with Jake! Such an effective, funny, and well-paced work out!
marilouashar @marilouashar
June 03, 2019
Jake is everything!
Purchased because Jake. Was not disappointed. Very effective and had me laughing the whole time. More Jake please!
Tpeden @Tpeden
May 09, 2019
This was great though I wanted to play it again and the video isn't loading now.
Candice @Candice2
April 17, 2019
Bought video
Why can’t I view this video anymore?
Crystal @Gcrystal
April 16, 2019
Loved it
Was looking for something fun to get me to work out again. Loved Jake...he cracked me up. BARBARAAA!
Astridarca @Astridarca
April 09, 2019