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30-Minute Fat Fry Workout

4.8 Stars · 18 Reviews
We use a couple of hand towels in the workout (if you are exercising on carpet, you can use fintess gliders or paper plates), but we also offer modifications if you don't have them — so no excuses.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
4.8 | 18 Reviews
Rachel green arms
This workout is amazing! It literally gave me Rachel Green arms and I’ve had a couple of kids! Highly recommend just add it to your weekly workout and you’ll see great results!
May 09, 2022
Love it
Ana @anafinn
February 28, 2021
Not my favourite
Not my favourite
lexi @lexiputman
July 05, 2020 Guatemala
Yes, I survived!
Funny and strong workout! Thank you Anne, for being so motivating Till next time Greetings from Bologna, Italy
Lorenza @oriella2013
May 29, 2020
Fun and SWEATY!
The moves in this workout don't look like they'd be too difficult but they REALLY pushed me! I can't believe how much I'm sweating. I love Anna's workouts and the energy of all 3 ladies.
Shea @shea.renne
May 28, 2020
i do this workout often. I love the challenge of the towel moves and the energy of the hosts!
jessica moseley @jrp261835
May 22, 2020
I will come back for more. The use of towels is genius!
Paloma @RudaRodríguez
May 14, 2020
Nice start in the morning
I had this training early in the morning. A good way to start off the day Thank you
orsola @orsola
May 11, 2020
Amazing workout
Amazing full body workout, with a lot of fun!!
LetsWorkout! @Bia79
May 08, 2020
Awesome workout
I love this trainer - brilliant balance of challenging and enjoyable!
Liv @livy2020
May 03, 2020
Yes I survived it!!!
30 minutes of no nonsense workout! Not for you, but for me!! Awesome!
Sumaiyah Faizal @sumif22
May 01, 2020
Great workout
Epic workout. Im sweaty! Definitely worth it.
zoe @zoechickx
April 29, 2020
Loved it!
I am so sweaty and feeling strengthened after this! Will definitely do again :)
Selena S @sds280
April 27, 2020
Loved this workout. Thank you!
Venus Hurst @vhurst
April 08, 2020
This satisfied my gym-regular boyfriend!
I'm not super fit, my boyfriend goes to the gym religiously so I wasn't sure how we'd go with this? But it was great! I made it to the end and it was high-intensity enough for my partner to get a lot out of it too. Funny commentary. Recommended!
Briony @briony.be
April 06, 2020
Fun workout!
Fast paced but with modifications available
April 05, 2020
30 min. fat fry
So good, very creative and taxing
goodwin @joe
April 04, 2020
Great workout!
Great workout and love the different variety of options each round.
Mia @MiaFit
November 06, 2019