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30-Minute Dance Grooves and Lower-Body Workout

4.9 Stars · 13 Reviews

[Presented by Nair] Join Dance FitSugar host Deja Riley for a 30-minute session that will have you moving to the beat of the music! This workout includes Deja's favorite exercises to strengthen your lower body, so you know it will be a challenge! No equipment is needed β€” just get ready to sweat, smile, and feel amazing in your skin!

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 13 Reviews
Good workout
Less dance than I was expecting, but a good workout. I liked the encouragement that she gave too.
January 22, 2022
Got my Groove Baxk
A lot of legs and they were shaking alright! Glad I did this. Thank you, Deja.
July 18, 2021
Amazing workout!
A lot less dance and more cardio than I expected. She switched the pace quick which really helped when I started to feel fatigued. She was SO encouraging and really great to watch! I had a wonderful sweat at the end but I didn’t think it was too incredibly difficult! I will definitely do it again and seek out more classes that she does! Simply wonderful!!!
May 16, 2021
It was so nice having an encouraging coach!
Caitlin @CaitlinDavidson
November 19, 2020
Cute Cardio Workout
This workout will have you sweating! I love Deja.
Yolanda Moss @Wufiene
November 01, 2020
So out of shape! First workout in a half year and had to take a few breaks but I enjoyed it so much that I was motivated to actually finish! (I cant say that for every workout Ive tried in the last 6 months). Makes me want to come back tomorrow!
Candace @Balichacha
October 28, 2020
You are the best!! This was a wonderful workout! Thanks!
Claudia Andrade @caandrade
October 27, 2020
Love Deja!
I have never been disappointed after working out with Deja and this time was not an exception! I loved it so much and it got me sweating
Marcela De Leon @marce_dleon
October 12, 2020
Get's your heart pumpimg!
I just got back into exercising after having to stop for about 5 months due to an injury, this was the first video I tried and boy am I glad I did, it's a great workout and Deja has just the right amount of motivation to keep you going!
Melissa Rice @graphicgirl
September 30, 2020
Good mix
Deja is a great trainer! Helpful cues and so much positivity! I had fun and enjoyed how the dancing was alternated with bodyweight training.
Valerie @chufflebean
September 20, 2020
Great workout!
This workout was fun, and really worked the legs! Thanks, Deja!
Gabrielle Denize Newsam @gdnewsam
September 14, 2020
So fun!
Thank you Deja! Great work out! I had so much fun!
Alexandra Girard @Alex002
September 13, 2020
Great workout!
Thanks for an awesome workout today! Loved it!
Deb @Princess40
September 12, 2020