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30-Minute Caribbean Dance Cardio

5.0 Stars · 11 Reviews
Get ready to drop it, pop it, and shake it in this high-energy dance workout — all you need is a towel.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 11 Reviews
super fun
suitable for all levels!
Marielle keating @marielle
March 11, 2024
I absolutely love this workout. The moves were fun, and the routines definitely got my heart rate up.
Gabrielle Denize Newsam @gdnewsam
August 18, 2021
This one is SO FUN. I've done a lot of workouts on Pop Sugar, and this is the one that I found the most fun (while also burning calories). I didn't even feel like I was working out, then I looked at my watch and it said my heartrate was at 163 bpm.
Natalie @anillon
December 03, 2020
Very Fun!
Fun dance workout with fun moves! Keeps me smiling while I sweat.
August 22, 2020
fun and sweaty
I really love this and will be doing it again and recommending to friends. Would love to see more of these videos.
Nicole M Pasquale @NicolePasquale
August 09, 2020
Hey Mon! This is Awesome!
Love this workout...it's fun...and makes you forget that you are actually burning some fat!
D The Initial @wel4life
July 28, 2020
Fun dance exercise!
I quite surprised myself that I managed to follow through the steps in the end! At first, I was a bit slow and is always left behind. But repetition is indeed the key haha The workout was not that tiring but if you want to just get that body moving, I recommend this one! Ps: you don't really need to hold on to a hanky to enjoy this haha
Czarmaine Masigla @czarmaine
July 18, 2020 Singapore
I was having so much fun! At the end my heart rate was 164 so beside great fun it is also pretty good cardio. :D
May 16, 2020
Always working in a bid to put me in a mood to work out
Lindsay @_.kagendo_
May 13, 2020
Super fun!
Super recommended!
Natalia Carrillo @natycarrillov
April 14, 2020
Loved this workout!
So much fun and rewarding! Definitely recommended! :)
vi.frz @vi.frz
April 11, 2020