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30-Minute Cardio Workout

5.0 Stars · 26 Reviews
This no-equipment cardio workout that will burn major calories.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 26 Reviews
thanks. it was great
Azadeh Momeni @azadeh
May 21, 2020
...celebrating strength, celebrating energy, celebrating cardio, life...celebrating everything!! She is amazing...!!!
Bia79 @Bia79
May 20, 2020
Helping me
This video is helping me keep fit
Fakazamusic.org @fakazamusic
May 13, 2020
great workout!!
i love this workout i do it at least once a week! great cardio and gets you sweating fast!
Isabella Hogan @isabellahogan05
May 12, 2020
Nice workout
It's a nice workout but we could get an inch more out of it if it was at a higher pace
Di @gordi
May 07, 2020
Great session. Works up to a sweat QUICKLY and cools off well. Those stretches at the end .... ahhhhhh. Loved it! Thank you
bell @nicoll
May 06, 2020
super duper
enjoyed it. sweating now
Spinder Samra @spinder
May 05, 2020
Great workout!!!
Just the intensity I was looking for! Thank you!
Shyrah @shyperk7
April 29, 2020
Great instructor
Loved it! Even when doing the modifications it's a great sweat.
lexi @lexiputman
April 25, 2020 Guatemala
I'll be back!
This was such unexpected fun!Tough, intense and fun overall, total body workout. Thanks! ;-)
Daniel Rapoport @Danielififucs
April 23, 2020
Great cardio workout for sure
This is a fun workout! Great intensity and variation!
Melissa Griffith @strakegriff
April 19, 2020
Soo good 225cal
Loved it burned 225 calories! Dripping with sweat!!!
Yana @ylisovenko
April 18, 2020
Great Energy and Fast Paced!
Great workout Anna! 2 circuits and you repeat twice for a well rounded cardio centric workout. Saved to favorites!
Meghan @LoveMeg
April 16, 2020
30 min. legs and core
Loved it!!
goodwin @joe
April 13, 2020
You will break a sweat!
Full body, tough workout that will have you breaking a sweat!
Stacy Orosco @stacyann20
April 11, 2020
Loved it
Great workout! It got me sweating a lot! I loved it. Thank you Ana, you rock!
marianatbc @marianatbc
April 09, 2020
Amazing cardio!
I sweat a lot, definitely a great cardio. Thank you Pop Sugar!
elisa @EliDav
April 09, 2020
It was useful and fun. Thanks Anna!
Catalina Renteria @hotmail.coom
April 08, 2020
Great class!
I workout a few times and week and this was a great cardio workout! I have wrist issues and I was able to modify a couple of the moves easily. Was sweating most of the time!
Amy @amyban89
April 07, 2020
Sweat party
I loved this workout and sweat more than I have in awhile. Thank you!
Alyssa Beaumont @ally.baba
April 06, 2020
Those 30 minutes where the most productive minutes of my day! You rock girls!
Elvi Vivian Stefani @Elvivian
April 05, 2020
I really loved this workout, it is really complete and challenging but I do love it, thanks for the routines!!
Abril @abrilmoedano
April 05, 2020
This one was a great challenging routine! Thanks for the amazing workouts POPSUGAR!
Mumbi Daniels @mumbidaniels_
April 04, 2020
30 minute cardio workout
I really liked that you have modifications to your workouts. I have knee issues and the low impact workouts are great for me, and I still work up a sweat!!
Jan Bullivant @azel_maryraso
April 04, 2020
Great workout
Great workout ! Had to go for the modifications for some exercises not to upset the downstairs neighbors. It's cool that there are alternatives for each exercises! I burned 330 calories during that cardio session.
Alice @Lotili
April 01, 2020
A great routine; different levels to suit fitness. I have been doing gym workouts for many years so find it difficult to get a challenging routine, but this was good. Followed it up with a yoga workout for stretching and tone! Absolutely love Pop sugar!
Katie Lupton @k.lupton
March 24, 2020