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30-Minute Cardio Workout

5.0 Stars · 46 Reviews
This no-equipment cardio workout that will burn major calories.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 46 Reviews
Great workout
Amazing workout for just 30 minutes. Feeling the pain🤩🤩🤩🤩
Angela lynch @angelamieyn
February 10, 2024
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September 23, 2022
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Lê Trần Duy BS @drletranduybs
August 10, 2021
Sweat everywhere
It was intense. Great cardio workout
Camila @camila.elias
May 25, 2021
I loved it!!. Thanks
Alejandra Camacho Barrantes @alejandratica
February 22, 2021
great cardio
Great workout with modifications. I always sweat with this routine.....feels wonderful!
Winnie @winnieworkingout
January 21, 2021
good sweat
Kara @kmfrech17
December 07, 2020
Great Workout
Really enjoyed this workout and it does push you. A great programme to add onto another 30 minute class. Loved it.
Maria @marianunn
September 22, 2020
Amazing cardio workout!!!
September 10, 2020
Love this workout so much! I've done it multiple times and always feel so good after. Anna is so motivating and positive that is makes any workout with her enjoyable, but still challenging!
Claire Csenge @clairec
September 07, 2020
5 Star!
Awesome, challenging, sweaty workout!
Jolene @joleneleanna
September 02, 2020
I found Anna's workouts on Popsugar a few weeks ago & love her!
Patrice Kaiser @pkaiser2
July 15, 2020
The routine was really good and enjoyed, it´s was fantastic
David Lopez @David_L
July 08, 2020 Colombia
Great cardio workout
I really enjoyed this workout. Anna has so much enthusiasm and energy which really rubs off on you. It is easy to follow and left me dripping with sweat. I'll be sure to do this one again.
fre @FredReynolds
July 04, 2020
The best!
I love this workout, it gives me a good sweat without being too difficult! I do it a few times a week!
Melissa Scalia @mscalia
June 24, 2020
amazing workout, need to do this one every week!
Amrita @AmritaMakin
June 24, 2020
nice hard workout
This was a great hard workout. Lots of core work and great cardio. It was fun and lively too!
Jennifer Taylor @jenniferwtaylor
June 15, 2020
Soooo sweaty!
Very effective cardio workouts that targets each area of the body!
martina @martylafayette
June 15, 2020
Quick and good!
Thank you!! It was challenging.
Suz Bailey @beachgal360
June 04, 2020
thanks. it was great
Azadeh Momeni @azadeh
May 21, 2020
...celebrating strength, celebrating energy, celebrating cardio, life...celebrating everything!! She is amazing...!!!
LetsWorkout! @Bia79
May 20, 2020
Helping me
This video is helping me keep fit
Fakazamusic.org @fakazamusic
May 13, 2020
great workout!!
i love this workout i do it at least once a week! great cardio and gets you sweating fast!
Isabella Hogan @isabellahogan05
May 12, 2020
Nice workout
It's a nice workout but we could get an inch more out of it if it was at a higher pace
Di @gordi
May 07, 2020
Great session. Works up to a sweat QUICKLY and cools off well. Those stretches at the end .... ahhhhhh. Loved it! Thank you
bell @nicoll
May 06, 2020
super duper
enjoyed it. sweating now
Spinder Samra @spinder
May 05, 2020
Great workout!!!
Just the intensity I was looking for! Thank you!
Shyrah @shyperk7
April 29, 2020
Great instructor
Loved it! Even when doing the modifications it's a great sweat.
lexi @lexiputman
April 25, 2020 Guatemala
I'll be back!
This was such unexpected fun!Tough, intense and fun overall, total body workout. Thanks! ;-)
Daniel Rapoport @Danielififucs
April 23, 2020
Great cardio workout for sure
This is a fun workout! Great intensity and variation!
Melissa Griffith @strakegriff
April 19, 2020
Soo good 225cal
Loved it burned 225 calories! Dripping with sweat!!!
Yana @ylisovenko
April 18, 2020
Great Energy and Fast Paced!
Great workout Anna! 2 circuits and you repeat twice for a well rounded cardio centric workout. Saved to favorites!
Meghan @LoveMeg
April 16, 2020
30 min. legs and core
Loved it!!
goodwin @joe
April 13, 2020
You will break a sweat!
Full body, tough workout that will have you breaking a sweat!
Stacy Orosco @stacyann20
April 11, 2020
Loved it
Great workout! It got me sweating a lot! I loved it. Thank you Ana, you rock!
marianatbc @marianatbc
April 09, 2020
Amazing cardio!
I sweat a lot, definitely a great cardio. Thank you Pop Sugar!
elisa @EliDav
April 09, 2020
It was useful and fun. Thanks Anna!
Catalina Renteria @hotmail.coom
April 08, 2020
Great class!
I workout a few times and week and this was a great cardio workout! I have wrist issues and I was able to modify a couple of the moves easily. Was sweating most of the time!
Amy @amyban89
April 07, 2020
Sweat party
I loved this workout and sweat more than I have in awhile. Thank you!
Alyssa Beaumont @ally.baba
April 06, 2020
Those 30 minutes where the most productive minutes of my day! You rock girls!
Elvi Vivian Stefani @Elvivian
April 05, 2020
I really loved this workout, it is really complete and challenging but I do love it, thanks for the routines!!
Abril @abrilmoedano
April 05, 2020
This one was a great challenging routine! Thanks for the amazing workouts POPSUGAR!
Mumbi Daniels @mumbidaniels_
April 04, 2020
30 minute cardio workout
I really liked that you have modifications to your workouts. I have knee issues and the low impact workouts are great for me, and I still work up a sweat!!
Jan Bullivant @azel_maryraso
April 04, 2020
Great workout
Great workout ! Had to go for the modifications for some exercises not to upset the downstairs neighbors. It's cool that there are alternatives for each exercises! I burned 330 calories during that cardio session.
Alice @Lotili
April 01, 2020
A great routine; different levels to suit fitness. I have been doing gym workouts for many years so find it difficult to get a challenging routine, but this was good. Followed it up with a yoga workout for stretching and tone! Absolutely love Pop sugar!
Katie Lupton @k.lupton
March 24, 2020