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30-Minute Cardio Pilates Workout

4.8 Stars · 12 Reviews
Kit Rich will lead you through an intense workout — no equipment is needed and modifications are provided.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
4.8 | 12 Reviews
This workout and trainer are favorites I always return The moves are great and this trainer really engages you on whatever level you are Adaptations are integral part and not something almost forgotten Which was really helpful when I was injured
Lolinloggen @Active2Stay
May 05, 2021
Feel good workout
Great workout! I found it pretty hard to begin with but the moderations are super helpful. It was a hard workout and I was sweating a lot but I felt amazing afterwards
Lauren Tomassi @Lauren95
November 06, 2020
Awesome, thank you
Great full body workout!
Werna @werna
September 05, 2020
I loved it. Full body definitely.
Carla Paola @carpaole
August 29, 2020
Top top top!!
LetsWorkout! @Bia79
July 13, 2020
I loved this - targeted moves, good mix of cardio and good for stamina.
Amy Crocker @Crocka
May 26, 2020
Full body, worked a lot of core and a great 30min to make you feel completely fulfilled, especially when you only have 30min. Thanks!!! ❤️
Glacéia Henderson @glaceia
April 28, 2020
clear instructor
and she is no-nonsense-kept me motivated
Marianne @mprabhu
April 22, 2020
Kit is awesome
this trainer is one of my favourites (the other one is Jake Dupree) She knows what she is doing, she is clear with the instructions and she makes me keep going.
Camila venegas @camilavenegas
April 16, 2020 Vancouver
33 min. Pilates
Very fast
goodwin @joe
April 10, 2020
Cardio n more
Instructor knowledgeable and enjoyed new exercises I have not done before
April 08, 2020
This was fun! I appreciated the modifications. I got my sweat on!
Brielle Silvestri @bsiobhan
March 25, 2020