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30-Minute Cardio Dance With Barre-Toning Exercises

4.9 Stars · 15 Reviews
This dance workout will bring the fun back to your cardio session; no equipment is needed and modifications are provided.
Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 15 Reviews
Awesome workout! Thanks you
Great and fun!
Halissa @halissa
March 25, 2021 Paris
Lost 250 calories!
Loved this workout, it was fun and didn't feel long! I am 5'5'' 140lbs and I lost 250 calories during the workout. Don't be surpprised if you wake up sore the next day!
Linda Pinz @lindapinzon
August 25, 2020
Full body sweat
Amazing work-out, great energy from the trainer, I was smiling and panting. Def need to build more endurance for this
Ioana David @ioanadavid
May 30, 2020
This cardio class was awesome.
May 28, 2020
Great workout!!
Will do it again, hope I gain resistance so I can do it non stop
Barbara Mora @barbaramora1
May 14, 2020
Amazing workout
thank you
svetlana @hisweetie99
April 08, 2020
Not a dance workout
I wanted a dance workout this is not what I wanted. Its a good workout but misleading
Camryn @cruopp
April 05, 2020
This workout was tough and fun! I did it with my sister and it made the workout better. It's better to work out with someone than alone.
Alexis @Seacat10t
April 04, 2020
More a fullbody workout than a dance workout
I liked it, but i was looking for a complete dance workout without floorwork. But if you are heading for a complete workout than its very good.
Joy @choiahoi
April 01, 2020 Vienna
Challenging but modifiable
Fun workout! There is equal emphasis on both dance and body weight exercises. The modifications makes it achievable for all levels, but some might struggle with the dance components if they are not familiar with common dance steps. I will do this one again.
Joanna C @JCastle
March 26, 2020
Loved it, the energy is amazing, the choreograph is grate It's fun, diversified and motivating I enjoyed it very much
raya @rayaf_f
March 25, 2020
Fun and challenging. A good amount of time and I really enjoyed the energy. The dance moves were just challenging enough to keep my brain out of it. I'll see this again
mikal @nolalady
March 23, 2020
Nice workout!
Super fun workout! I will get a mat soon as in the end they use it but with my dance experience, I tried other movements . Thank you! Super useful during this quarantine home!
Noemi @namydust
March 19, 2020 Budapest
Great dance workout
Love this workout to try at home. Fun and challenging and works all your muscles and your brain! Thanks πŸ’š
Rebekka Coles @beks23
March 18, 2020
Great full body workout
Super fun workout, where you feel the burn but get to dance through it. Balanced focus on abs, booty and cardio
Michelle @Michduplessc
March 17, 2020