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30-Minute Cardio & Barre Burn Workout With Jake DuPree

5.0 Stars · 27 Reviews

Join Jake DuPree for his signature bodyweight workout. You'll begin with cardio that includes jump squats and plank jacks then take it to the floor for booty and abs toning. If you love this workout, find six exclusive workouts with Jake here: https://active.popsugar.com/plan/4week-fullbody-fusion-htQ71KOaQR/play

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 27 Reviews
Great workout
Great workout give to me so much energy. thank you.
January 09, 2022 PARIS
Great workout as always!
Irene @sweatyirene
August 12, 2021
Great workout!
Debora Widyastuti @belajar7berdoa
May 04, 2021
Thank You Jake!!!
You're my pandemic workout savior!!! Keep these home workouts coming!
Deanna Conley @ddugs9
December 09, 2020
Great workout
With Jake all the workouts are so great! sweaty and full body! highly recommended!
martina @martylafayette
November 23, 2020
Wonderful workout from the wonderful Jake!
lara @lararory
August 01, 2020
Jake is the best
Jake never lets me down with his workouts! I always work up a sweat and it goes by so fast
ana @anavic
July 24, 2020
So much fun!
JAKE!! After 15 minutes I was like WOW!! You always have challenging exercises and I LOVE your energy. This workout was so much fun and I really appreciate you posting this.
Ashley Atkins @ashleylouiseatkins
May 21, 2020
Awesome workout!
Felt the burn!!!
Ellen Quintal @Ellen66
May 18, 2020
Love it! so powerful!
tatiana roman @tati2512
May 17, 2020
Feel the burn.
It's Saturday afternoon and I have now earned a pina colada for tonight. Thank you, Jake. You're. The. Best!
Lisa C @lisachickglee
May 16, 2020 Canada
Jake is awesome!
Good workout with awesome music.
Navita @burgplatz
May 04, 2020
This workout killed me. Jake Dupree is my favourite PopSugar fitness instructor. His work out's always get my heart rate up, and make me stronger. I strongly recommend watching this! Cardio & Barre Burn with an emphasis on the burn.
Jen @holdthewhoa
May 02, 2020
We need more Jake!
Love all of Jake's workouts - he's the best motivator with his funny quips, and I always feel the effects of his workouts the next day!
Natasha @tashay
April 23, 2020
jasmine leigh
You never fail me jake !!! love the burn ! thank you <3
jasmine leigh @jasmineleigh
April 18, 2020
From Jake's livingroom to ours
Thank you Jake! I like to be your Darling or chicken,,,,hahaha
Mariam @Majam
April 18, 2020
Fun and great workout!
I did this one yesterday. I could not even get through the warming up, I was already sweating within the first 3 minutes. Loved the workout and today I can really feel the afterburn in my legs. Totally will do this one again!
Elvira @ElfjeFree
April 18, 2020
Need more of Jake
Any workout by Jake is great, we need more!!!
Arianna @xoarianna
April 17, 2020
Good sweat
Anna Saala @saala157
April 16, 2020
It's Jake, so it's great!
Fantastic & fun as usual!
Mary @MPC007
April 15, 2020
Love it
Its really fun to do and effective
Blanca @blancarg
April 15, 2020
LOVED working out with Jake
Jake's energy is always amazing! Great workout, super intense! Thank you POPSUGAR!
Mumbi Daniels @mumbidaniels_
April 14, 2020
I absolutely love this work out!
Top trainer, great work out!
Martina @MartinaBond
April 14, 2020
Keep the at-home workouts coming!
Rubybrandt @rubybrandt
April 14, 2020
Top workout as usual! :)
Thank you Jake!
Minda Martinez @minda
April 14, 2020
Keep em coming, Jake!
Another killer workout from Jake DuPree! So grateful to Jake & PopSugar for helping me stay on top of fitness during this quarantine. I love your videos. Please keep posting! The longer the workout, the better. I'd love a hardcore 60 min one! Much Love, from Sagamore Beach, Ma!
Lily @hagerlily
April 14, 2020
Great Instructor!
So much energy, truly makes working out fun! This went by very fast and you definitely feel the burn right away.
Patti Kousoulis @pattik721
April 13, 2020