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30-Minute Cardio and Core

4.8 Stars · 7 Reviews
You don't need any equipment and modification are provided.
Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
4.8 | 7 Reviews
I liked it
April 18, 2021
Jenny’s mom
Great workout for when you just don’t feel or need an intense session. Still works your core well and you can push yourself (if you want) to intensify the cardio. Great direction and clear voice.
Sandra @Jennysmom
June 06, 2020
Core on Fire
This was a really great workout. Great mix of cardio and core exercises. I really enjoyed this one.
Shaquita Banks @shaquitab
May 14, 2020
good beginner core workout
Wasn't quite the burn-out I was looking for but this is a nice mix of strength and cardio for beginners.
Lauren Roberts @LaurenECRoberts
May 01, 2020
Part of my warm up
An approachable workout for beginners, Massy Arias alternates between slower, more focused, moves with bursts to keep the blood moving. The workout may not be as "challenging" as-is for the more experienced but there is enough mobility that I use it as a warmup.
Koharu @koharu
April 18, 2020
very nice training but a bit too easy for me. I will do a harder one tomorow ;)
Caroline @carosco
March 20, 2020
30 min cardio and core
Slow pace but you can easily push harder if you want
Janele @janeleross
January 13, 2020