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30-Minute Bodyweight Cardio and Ab Workout With Kenta Seki

4.8 Stars · 15 Reviews

Get ready to move it to the beat of the music withΒ Kenta Seki You'll move through cardio-centric combos to get your heart rate up and take it to the floor for the ultimate ab burnout.Β 

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
4.8 | 15 Reviews
Good workout, but VERY hard to hear instructions over the music
Kellie Becker @nfnanfw62
February 20, 2023
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corin purslow @corinpurslow
October 13, 2022
More workout like this one
Great! Loved it!
Maxayn Penture @axoopy
December 26, 2020
Excellent, low impact workout
Great workout, but the noise was a bit too loud as it was hard to hear his direction...
roxanne @MickeyMoo16
November 02, 2020 Victoria, BC Canada
Great workout
He did a great job with this workout it did some different moves then what I’m usually use to and I like that
Megan @megnew9148
October 01, 2020
Great workout!
Was a little hard hearing you but that's okay. I got a great workout and my sweat on. My abs feel it!
Janiqua @jtnumber20
September 16, 2020
Nice workout
This was a good mix of cardio and abs. I like that Kenta explains the moves before so it was easy to follow. The main negative for me it’s the music is really too loud so I couldn’t hear Kenta.
September 14, 2020
A little too easy
Good, non-repetitive low impact workout, but a little on the easy side.
JC @jching
August 13, 2020
Fun Workout!
I always love Kenta's workouts! I really liked the ab burnout in this one. The music was really energetic but I did have a hard time hearing him during the workout.
Lauren @laurenc
July 26, 2020
Good w/out
Good workout, nice music but too loud - drowned out his voice.
Fareen Therani @fareen
July 22, 2020
Fun workout! This is the first personal trainer style Iβ€˜ve tried and it was really rewarding. Love the music and energy :)
Eva B @eves1622
July 21, 2020
Love Kenta!!
I've been working out with Kenta on different apps for a few years now! So excited to finally have him on Popsugar!!
Tiffany @TiffanyChen
July 21, 2020
loved the workout
great workout but had volume issues. music much louder than trainer's instructions. was ok but tricky once we got to the ab section as i couldn't see the screen as easily.
janice @milhousedewey
July 20, 2020
It was a great little 30 minute workout. I wish I could have heard him a little better, but the music was awesome! It reminded me a little of turbo fire moves, which I love. Thank you!
Gina @ginameier
July 20, 2020
Nice workout!
This was a great mix of cardio and strength. The ab section definitely made mine burn, but not to the point where I felt I couldn't keep up. Wished there could have been a little bit more cardio, but it was easy to repeat a section of the workout to get more in.
Nix B @nblask
July 19, 2020