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30-Minute All Levels Cardio Dance Workout

4.5 Stars · 40 Reviews
Torch calories with this dance cardio workout powered by plyometrics. All levels welcome! Bring your smile and sass and get ready to sweat!
Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
4.5 | 40 Reviews
Fun Workout
Garantee the sweat at the end. Certain steps are difficult to follow. Thank you and have a nice day
Kieu @Kieu95870
September 28, 2020
Fun workout
Fun workout for all levels. Yes, some moves take a minute to catch on to, but still enjoyable to keep moving to the music.
Devon Reed @strawberry124
September 10, 2020
great workout! i always do this work out on days when i am feeling a little low on energy or when i'm getting back to working out after not doing so for a period of time. great for beginners!
Mathilda Liew @mattybumbum
July 20, 2020
Great workout
Felt really upbeat! I loved it!
Aixa @alansoleaga
June 30, 2020
Oh my god
I had so much fun when we started my dog did not know what I was doing lol... but I had so much fun I am just starting my weight loss I know I am coming back for this one after I go for my morning walk... thank you so much for thriving this for free
Ann Gilbert @anngilbert
June 14, 2020
Fun, fun, fun!
I liked everything about this.
Ineta @just_walking
June 01, 2020
So Much Fun!
This class was so much fun that I was going to do it twice! Except I was too tired after once. I can't jump because of an injury but the modifications worked just fine. This class is definitely one of my faves!
May 30, 2020
Great! Super fun :)
For beginner like me, it's realy good.
Kerem @keremkaplan
May 30, 2020 Turkey
Super fun!!!
Loved it so much. Great music and super fun moves!!! If you have any experience with Zumba, Werk, hip hop, you will have no problem with following instructor at all. Thank you Pop Sugar. Another awesome workout. Much needed
Inessa Tom @Inessa
May 16, 2020
Actual dance
I see what people mean about the moves and it moving quickly but I think thats' what makes this enjoyable, energetic and actual dance. It got me out of my head and into my body and reminded me of zumba classes I've been to. I also really liked the music. On many videos I don't 'feel' the music so I pipe in my own to dance to. I will look for more videos from her and repeat this one.
mikal @nolalady
May 15, 2020
very fun
good for beginner
ALI @jellybeancounter
April 23, 2020
Fun first experience
Good first video for me! I took african dance for two years and recognized some moves so it was easier for me. Some moves are hard to follow sometimes and I agree with some others saying the moves should be explained in advance. Otherwise, nice experience! :)
Emmanuelle @psyche-youpy
April 18, 2020
Fun dance workout to build up a sweat
Fun friendly enthusiastic instructors. Suitable for all levels due to the modifications. The moves are simple and since there are only a few moves per dance that get repeated in sets its pretty easy to pick up and follow. I really enjoyed this workout.
fre @FredReynolds
April 15, 2020
Difficult to follow
I'm an experienced gym-class go-er and found this annoyingly difficult to follow along. In the online format I think it is more important to call out left-right, 1-2-3-4 and explain the moves in advance.
Rebecca Davie @Beckstar!
April 03, 2020
Sweaty fun!
Loved it! Hard to follow at times, but I just kept going. I hope there are more like this to come!
claire @clairebeynon
April 02, 2020
They don't explain the exercises.
It is good, although the instructor must explain the exercises before doing the entire routine. They do not teach them well and when I manage to catch it, they are already starting another. therefore I was unable to take advantage of the class.
Diana vanessa velez @divavelezp
April 01, 2020
Dance video
Great workout - has modifications. Lots of fun!
March 30, 2020
loved this! really cheered me up was a bit hard to follow initially but got easier
Samaiya @samaiyas
March 30, 2020
Fun Fun Fun!
Love this workout. Good music, good steps, good vibe.
Giselle Velasquez @gisellervg
March 29, 2020
Fun Workout
I really liked this. It was upbeat, fun and it got me moving and sweaty! I will definitely be doing this one again. I gave it 4 stars for mainly one reason and that is because the workout didn't match the beat to the music. Which made it hard for me to keep up and follow since I wanted to go to the beat. But overall, fun workout.
Krista Herrett @kkfederer
March 27, 2020
30 min all level cardio dance workout
loved the energy . Easy to follow all levels of activity. Will definitely do one of these again
alicia lapides @alapi
March 25, 2020
Very Hard to follow
I loved the energy of these 3, but there was not enough cueing before the moves to make people feel successful. Also WAY off the beat. Once I got the pattern of 8 counts I would go on my own and start on 1 - with the music.
Susan Korblick @skorblick
March 25, 2020
So much fun!
I really love this work out! It was fun and also challenging. I was actually sweating which let me know that this was definitely an effective work out!😀
Sandra @smatthewsims
March 25, 2020
Great cardio dance!
Love this class!
Claudia Cassia de Campos @ClaudiaCassia20
March 24, 2020
Very nice!
Perfect for those who want to do some exercise, but hate all this HIIT stuff! Dancing is so much more fun!
Lotti Engl @lotti.engl
March 24, 2020
Cardio dance workout
Great workout! I done mostly modified and still broke a sweat
Cheryl Magby @cmagby29
March 24, 2020
monday mood
felt great a light workout, but you sweat just the same! thanks for helping out when we need it soooooo much!
Dalia Saliamonas @dalia
March 23, 2020
Fun, bit hard to follow
This was a fun workout and i got real sweaty even in a small space. Moves were a bit hard to follow at times, could use some more direction. But i just kept moving and figured it all out eventually.
Kaitlyn Duthie-Kannikkatt @kaitlyndk
March 23, 2020
Susan McKinney
My first time doing this one, and really enjoyed it! Good cardio and fun as well:) Easy to follow and I like the modifications. Keep up the good work and thanks for giving us online workout opps during this uncertain time !
Susan McKinney @smckinney
March 23, 2020
Good overall
Have to have enough space to really make the most of the movements. The instructions were overall coherent although a little tough to understand at times.
Erin @mccloskeyeerin
March 23, 2020
Fun workout
Looking for a fun workout with the current social distancing. Really enjoyed it
Mary Kullman @mckstl01
March 22, 2020
Super great beginner cardio dance workout. Feeling pumped to keep going!
Sara @brogdenes
March 22, 2020
Hard to follow
I'm not very coordinated but I can follow basic danse instructions. I could not understand the series of steps... It was very fast although not hard... I had to stop 5 minutes in the workout
Clémence @cleonioo
March 22, 2020
Great dance workout!
I hated the idea of dance fitness as I'm hopelessly uncoordinated, but this turned me as it was a great workout and I has a lot of fun (and sweat up a storm!)
Lucy @chunkytofit96
March 21, 2020
Good quick sweat in
I really enjoyed this all levels cardio dance, got a good quick sweat in!
Muhshellly @miipanzafull
March 21, 2020
Fun Workout
This was a fun 30 minute workout! The jumping portions were great! The names for certain moves had me laughing: the salt shaker hehe! The Egyptian. Fun fun!!!
Michelle Diamond @chelleysayz
March 20, 2020
Amazing workout
I loved this so much! Great energy and super fun moves 🤩
Olga @olgalashta
March 19, 2020
30 min cardio dance workout
Good workout had to adapt bits....due to space issues but enjoyed .. Will do again..
Kay Falloon @milfordkay
March 18, 2020
30 min all level cardio dance workout
Great ! Stuck at home " shelter in place" for next 30 days or more per government guidelines. So can't go to gym 3-4 times a week due to my " age"...lol over 65; Great! sweaty workout! Didn't think I could get sweaty in 30 minutes, as usually do an hour of upper body weight training with 45 min cardio on bike; on alternate days , do lower body weight training w / same cardio. Very impressed !!!
Margaret @wcrmfc
March 17, 2020 sacramento, CA.
30 min all level cardio dance workout
Loved just starting back working out after not have done so for almost 2 years. Looking forward to using this app.
Donna Williams @dewilli61
January 28, 2020