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30-Minute Ab & Arm Workout With Deja Riley

4.9 Stars · 15 Reviews

This 30-minute ab and arm workout will have you feeling the 🔥! No equipment is needed with bodyweight exercises like planks and standing crunches that will work your entire core. Plus, you'll get to move it to the beat with arm dancing and a shadow boxing series. 🥊

Difficulty: All

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 15 Reviews
Deja Rocks!
This workout was amazing! Challenging, yet still very fun. Deja has awesome energy and explains the next moves well. I loved the boxing and dancing series. Would definitely do again. Thank you!
Brittany @beelow
September 16, 2020
Fun and Effective
Deja has such wonderful energy and a great vibe. This was a great quick arms and abs workout. I actually like that it's shorter than it says due to the comments at the end.
August 29, 2020
Arms on 🔥
Loved the whole vibe , really enjoy deja’s energy and her music is just Wow!!! Thank you popsugar for these amazing workouts ..... please could we have some more 45 minute ones as well🙏🏻
@Karuna Watwani
July 28, 2020
Loved it
Made me sweat!
CamilaGG @Camila
June 20, 2020
so fun!
this workout was so fun!! my arms are burning!!
kate Hutchinson @kate2004
June 09, 2020
Love it!
Good vibes, good energy, good music thank you Deja! You are amazing!
alina @alina_lilly
June 07, 2020
Love the workout and the music...! Deja radiates positivity throughout the session and pumps up the energy level!! Really enjoyed it!
June 06, 2020
Love Deja! Great workout!
Love, love, love this workout. Fun. Energy level 100!! Great music! Thank you Deja!!
michelle @mbenrath
June 06, 2020
Thank you!
Great workout - so full of positivity!
Amy Crocker @Crocka
May 28, 2020
Great fun workout
Love this workout. It’s not crazy difficult, it’s reasonable and challenging. Deja is one of my favorite instructors. She has so much positive energy!!! She is amazing dancer too! Thank you Deja!
Inessa Tom @Inessa
May 24, 2020
Different and fun!
Loved this! It was fast which I appreciate so that I don’t get overwhelmed with challenges. Keeps my mind occupied on the next move! I felt my whole body active and my abs are on fire Btw which I love!! Thank you!!! You’re awesome Deja!!!!
Loidalee @loidalee
May 23, 2020
Different from others
A nice break from your standard routine. A bit faster and some different moves. However the routine is actually a lot shorter that the vid length - more like a 20min routine. ten mins of stretches at end.
Grace @gracecatherine
May 20, 2020
Nice workout
Nice little workout that gives your arms and abs a little burn. (Last 6 minutes are comments and Q&A.)
D Koo @Notolady
May 20, 2020
Fun & Challenging
This is exactly what I've been looking for! High energetic and challenging! I also love how the instructor provides modifications for each exercise. Added to my favorites!
Stephanie @salvaxeflor
May 19, 2020