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20-Minute Total-Body Tabata

5.0 Stars · 26 Reviews
It's time to HIIT it with this super Tabata workout.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 26 Reviews
Glowing Face
A 20-minute total-body Tabata workout is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session that alternates between periods of intense exercise and short rest periods. Here's a sample 20-minute Tabata workout targeting the entire body.30 seconds forward, 30 seconds backward Leg swings: 30 seconds each leg Jumping jacks: 1 minute Bodyweight squats: 1 minute
jeremy michels @jeremymichels
March 22, 2024
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March 13, 2024 Indonesia
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November 02, 2023
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Sweet nd Salty @SweetndSalty
June 02, 2023
Happy New Year
Really its very nice and perfect !
dilkhus.com @dilkhus
November 27, 2022
I did it!
It wasn't easy but great workout!
Debora Widyastuti @belajar7berdoa
April 12, 2021
Exhausting but fun
Great, fast workout! Love Anna!
Lisa @lisalageren
January 11, 2021
Nice !!!
Thank you for the good instruction and timely workout
Werna @werna
October 07, 2020
quick and fun
liked the workout but so many of the pop sugar routines stop playing mid workout very frustrating since i have to close it and start over not sure why that happens
kimberly @scotchbonnet
October 04, 2020
Intensely Quick!
I'm sweating! Love the variety and repetition. If you want a quick burn, this is for you! Some of these exercises are advanced, but there are modifications!
Matthew Reinig @mattreinig
August 10, 2020
Super effective 20min workout
LetsWorkout! @Bia79
July 19, 2020
Amazing workout!!!
Quick but it really makes me feel great. Sweat will be pouring.
Merily Hernandez @mhernandez
June 22, 2020
The best!
Ana Marta César de Sá @cesardesa
June 07, 2020
20 min. C&C
goodwin @joe
May 28, 2020
Such a good workout! Great challenging workout to do just before dinner!
Daphne @daphneverheule
May 14, 2020 the netherlands
Omg this workout is a killllller
Holly Regan @holly_regan
May 05, 2020
Hard work
A workout that makes you feel like you’ve worked out
tania @tania law
April 08, 2020
So GOOD!!!!!
This workout is so GOOD!!!! It gets your heart pumping and you sweat! Great for all levels!
Stacy Lee Damsgaard @sdamsgaard
April 06, 2020
Great workout!
Quick but challenging workout to get the body moving and sweat pouring! Great to have access to these day during this quarantine!
April 06, 2020
Love it
Really really nice and perfect !
Pierre @pierre
April 06, 2020
Tough work out with great instruction
Easy to follow!
claire @clairebeynon
April 05, 2020
Great routine!
Thank you for these workouts when all the gyms are closed.
April 05, 2020
Amazing and quick!
Really liked that one! Quick and dirty :)
Yasmeen @yasmeen186
April 01, 2020
Total awesome body Tabata
Good variety of exercises. Will do this again! Thank you.
Sophie @SOsunshine
March 24, 2020
Quick but Challenging
I like this 20 min HIIT routine - the pace, the challenge and the all-over body focus make it a great go-to routine for me. My husband did it - ONCE - that was enough for him!
Christina @crod99
January 17, 2020