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20-Minute Latin Beat Follow-Along Dance Workout

4.4 Stars · 7 Reviews

[Presented by Yogi] Shimmy it out with professional dancer Meagan Kong as she leads you through a dance workout set to upbeat Latin music. Inspired by Yogi® Mango Ginger tea, these energizing dance routines will get you burnin' up and feeling the heat in your living room!

Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
4.4 | 7 Reviews
I'm not the best dancer - I've got rhythm, but no motor coordination. However, this class was super fun and easy to follow. I loved the energy, the instructor, and the pace.
Anabela Paes Fernandes @belapaes
April 20, 2021
This was so much fun
That girl's workout is so fun and the coreo is beautiful ❤️
Melody @Mods
April 18, 2021 united state
20-Minute Family Fun Dance Workout
Awesome. The teacher is fantastic!
Anita @Olanick
March 24, 2021
Simply amazing!!
Loved the speed, the moves, the beat, the trainer, simply everything!! I'm a skilled dancer so this was fun and easy to follow! Gimme more!!
Ursenna Velardi @ursy-bella
February 14, 2021
to faster
She should show the movements slower first. I couldn't follow the class.
Mariele @mariele.santi
February 07, 2021
Best Exercise for health
Best exercise for our health because health is wealth
Caroline @carolinegenesis
January 19, 2021 Chicago
Fun and Easy
This is a great short workout. I got a little sweaty but not winded. Good for beginners. I liked that the moves weren't too complicated. Thanks!
Flo @floroseey
January 04, 2021