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20-Minute Fit and Sexy Workout

5.0 Stars · 3 Reviews
Grab a set of weights (five to 10 pounds) and get ready to work your entire body, in just 20 minutes — warmup and cooldown included.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 3 Reviews
Great full body workout!
My body feels so great after doing this awesome workout! This was a much needed workout~
Deb @Princess40
April 03, 2020
All over body workout
All muscle groups were engaged in this great workout. When time is limited this routine will meet your needs. I’ll be returning to it time and again.
Maureen @MaureenRD
March 29, 2020
This kicked my butt.
I love Anna. I will be feeling this later. I already feel it now. And I am someone who works out at the gym for at least an hour every day. Who knew 20 minutes would kick my butt so much.
Theresa @teesays
March 26, 2020