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20-Minute Dance Cardio

5.0 Stars · 13 Reviews

Sculpt your body with DanceBody founder and CEO Katia Pryce. This 20-minute session combines dance-inspired cardio and toning exercises set to motivating music. You'll get your heart rate up with jump movements and work your core with planks and standing ab isolations. Press play and get ready to move!

Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 13 Reviews
Fantastic instructor and energy
Loved this. Best mood booster right now
Shireen Utta, @shosh1969
July 03, 2020
Great workout
Super fun and easy to follow. The instructor is really enthusiastic and fun. Would definitely recommend.
alexandra @alexandra.osborn317@icloud.com
June 24, 2020
Great Instructor
This workout is really effective and fun. Waiting for more workouts from Katia!
Mahnaz @Manaz
May 17, 2020
Dance Cardio
So fun, maybe moved with you in sync once.... but l;oved it!
goodwin @joe
April 29, 2020
love this
AmyJ @amyj
April 22, 2020
One of my favorites!
A great, quick cardio workout that I can fit in at the end of the day. Fairly easy to follow and really gets you sweating!
Alysa @AlysaShea
April 19, 2020
Good Workout
The workout was nice. But the instructor should tell the steps beforehand.
Amanjot Kaur @amara
April 11, 2020
Fun but...
In my opinion, moves were not instructed clearly for a beginner.
Ioanna @ioannavik
April 05, 2020
Easy to Follow
It was a great workout - broke out in sweat and felt I used all my body!
Wemmy @Wemmy
April 04, 2020
Loved this workout!
I needed this Pop Sugar workout today! As always great energy!
Deb @Princess40
April 02, 2020
great instructor and super easy to follow
Really great it seemed shorter than 20 mins and super easy to follow from min 1 Will repeat as a favorite! Thanks!
Dalia Saliamonas @dalia
April 01, 2020
Sweaty for a short workout
Even it was only 20 mins long, i was pretty exhausted! Highly recommend this, if you don't have enough time
Joy @choiahoi
March 25, 2020 Vienna
Great Instructor
I really enjoyed this workout. Great instructor and found her easy to follow.
Susan Brandt @susanbrandt
March 23, 2020