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15-Minute Low-Impact Cardio

4.9 Stars · 36 Reviews
Be kind to your joints (and your downstairs neighbors) with this low-impact workout — no equipment necessary.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
4.9 | 36 Reviews
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Williams Packard @williamspackard5
September 23, 2022
good, fun low impact work out
Did this after coming back from a trip to start getting back into my workout routine and it was great!
Megan @MeganRose888
March 29, 2021
Does not have impact on knees, burns and makes you sweat! The best: only 15 minutes!
Giulia @giuliafreitas
October 02, 2020
Great Workout
Great workout..just what i needed to get my heart rate up..and feel that burn! Would reccommend
Ishika @ishika_123
October 01, 2020
Great low impact workout
Super effective workout. Worked up a good sweat even though it’s low impact. Thanks Pop Sugar
@Michele Peloquin
July 08, 2020
great hotel room workout
this was perfect for working out in hotel room, since gym not available while traveling.
Deb @DJJ59
June 27, 2020
I enjoyed this!
Lynn Hall @lynnvavrina
May 08, 2020
Great to pair with a quick arm workout on a day you have less time. Warning though, you will still sweat!
lexi @lexiputman
April 03, 2020 Guatemala
Sweaty 15 minutes. :D
I was trying to do this before I go to bed... LOL. and I am sweaty... got to clean up again. LOL
Candice Evans @candeecanes
April 01, 2020
Loved it
Would love more workouts like this. Perfect in all ways!
claire @clairebeynon
March 30, 2020
Very effective workout!
Last year I started exercising for the first time in my life (32 yo). I used Popsugar's 21 days to Kickstart Your Fitness to literally kickstart my fitness life. That series of workouts is also hosted by Anna. She is such a wonderful trainer! Before I would never be able to do this 15 minute cardio workout, maybe one minute of it, but because of Anna's workouts I have now build up enough strength and stamina to do it! I am very proud of myself! It is still difficult and I'm completely out of breath afterwards, but I CAN do it! And I'm sure I will be able to do even more in the future. Thank you so much Anna for providing easy, fun and effective workouts for beginners like me! My life is improving by the day :-)
Xu Xining @xining
March 30, 2020
Great workout
I feel this workout is a great place to start for beginners. I just got over surgery on my ankle and my strength and balance are horrible. This workout definitely helps!
Julie REMACK @Jremack
March 30, 2020
It’s good for beginner
It’s good for me as I am a beginner of exercise. I’m long time no exercise, I want to keep it out! It’s easy way for me to keep it 15mins per day.
Sandra @Sandra1123
March 29, 2020
Definitely got me sweating!
This is my first workout postpartum 3 months. Boy! I was sweating up a storm. I had to incorporate my little one, who's a bit over 10 lbs. I wanted to put him down, but he was enjoying it so much I just sucked it up! Great beginner workout.
Stephanie @Somane
March 28, 2020
Good workout if you're in a hurry
Love it because it was short. I was busy and I just wanted to do a little bit of excercise.
Vanessa @vanessarotinoco
March 26, 2020
Great Quick workout
This is great for low impact options or even if you want some impact you can choose the high impact alternatives. I did this after a 30 minute Piyo session and I felt the burnnnnn! Will definitely do this again as an add on to another workout!
Rebecca Rowney @rowneyrk18
March 25, 2020
Easy to follow, effective and fun!
I never choose the low impact options at my exercise classes at the gym but I thought I would give this a try for my at home workout. I am so glad I did because my heart rate went up quickly and I was sweating and the 15 minutes went by super fast. I did this after the 40 minute Pilates full body workout and that was pretty good as well. I think I will do this 15 min low impact cardio before my 30 mins yoga session tomorrow. Thank you so much for these great workouts!
Wendy Ho @hopuisze
March 24, 2020
These workouts really get you sweating and they are the perfect length
Susan Watson @sbgallo
March 24, 2020
Great beginning workout!
Love this workout for just getting back into shape, but still wanting to push yourself!! Your legs will be super sore tomorrow, but you'll feel amazing!
Kelsey E Beale @kelseyelilab
March 24, 2020
Love this low workout Great to get you moving!!!
Marie @Lulu
March 24, 2020
good workout
It was easy to follow and just what I needed when I'm still feeling sore from yesterday. I thought 15 minutes of low impact wouldn't be enough but it was just right
george robins @premveeren
March 23, 2020
Easy to follow
Great workout, loved having a beginner and advanced modification option!
Denise @expatexerciser
March 23, 2020
I absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for putting this together! Was a great morning workout before breakfast :)
Joy @jjoywang03
March 23, 2020
Great mini cardio session
A good all round cardio session really gets your heart pumping without any jumping around, low impact but effective! This was my first class and I can’t wait to try the next 10/10
Abbie Taylor @abbiet89
March 23, 2020
This 15 min workout packs a punch. I am a sweaty mess and I love it!
Lori Hendricks @lohendricks
March 23, 2020
Great movement for small spaces
It was fast paced and could actually feel it working with easy and understandable instructions and moves.
Erin @mccloskeyeerin
March 23, 2020
15 minute cardio
Great to have this today! Great energy and easy to do at home confined to a smaller space. Thanks!
Sara Donohue @skwd
March 22, 2020
Fast and fun!
Great for us older exercisers or those with joint pain. Got my heart rate up and the instructor's energy was great.
Esther @Star729
March 22, 2020
Great Workout
Thanks. I can do a full workout before the kids realise I’m missing.
Bonnie Sutherland @Bonster0370
March 21, 2020
So fun and quick!
Being stuck at home, I wanted something quick that would get my blood pumping after work, without completely wiping me out. Husband and I tried this one and LOVED it. For sure saving as a favorite!
Elaina Duran @eduran
March 21, 2020
Fun workout!
Fun workout!
Fareen Therani @fareen
March 20, 2020
Susan McKinney
Love this workout because it's short but still works up a good sweat. And I can pair it with another workout, like strength or yoga.
Susan McKinney @smckinney
March 19, 2020
Good workout without jumping around
I liked it because I worked up a sweat but didn’t need to put sneakers on! I could do without the slow burpees though :)
Eve Harbour @eharbour
March 19, 2020
15 min low impact cardio
good workout easy to follow, I liked the flow!! wish it was longer too.
Jan Bullivant @azel_maryraso
March 19, 2020
nice sweat, easy to follow
could easily go through it once more for a more complete picture:)
Paule @paulesavier
March 18, 2020
Good, easy to follow
Good workout...just wish it was a little longer
Debbie Schepis @JerseyGirl
March 17, 2020