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10-Minute Yoga Flow Series to Lengthen and Tone

5.0 Stars · 7 Reviews
We love that yoga lengthens tight muscles while also toning them.
Difficulty: Beginner

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 7 Reviews
flowing yoga
great tone and stretch class
Marielle keating @marielle
May 06, 2021
good gradient
i like this one because it is a good gradient - i mean some of them are very hard but you can adjust and its good for someone like me who hasn't exercised in a very long time and is inching my way back into it
Samara Jimenez @samaraj1018
July 09, 2020
Very good
I enjoyed this as a beginner. Thank you.
Marcella @melaneelee
May 21, 2020
Great class for a quick stress
I love to wind down after the longer workouts with this. Fast paced and great stretch.
Sean Freeman @seanfreeman120
May 12, 2020
10 Minute Yoga
Love this class...great way to start the day!
Nici @daniher
April 15, 2020
enjoyable yoga!
i enjoyed this quick but challenging yoga class!
Jaclyn Alyssa @jaxx2012
March 19, 2020
10-minute yoga
this is a really great way to work up a sweat and get a great stretch in 10 minutes!
Sallie Ann Marsh @marshfam1100
March 17, 2020