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10-Minute Bollywood Dance Cardio

5.0 Stars · 25 Reviews
You don't need any equipment for this workout created by BollyX.
Difficulty: Intermediate

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Overall Rating
5.0 | 25 Reviews
I absolutely loved this! I had a smile on my face the whole time. True Bollywood fashion. It was fun and fast paced and got me sweating but in a way that didn't feel like a workout. I wish it was longer.
Rachel Smith @rachelsmith867
May 06, 2022
Want some more !!
That was absolutely fun and instructive ! Wish it would last longer. Move, smile and sweat ! Thanks !
Adeline @A2
June 21, 2021
Workout fantastico
uno dei migliori dance cardio che io abbia fatto, breve ma intenso, attiva la circolazione e fa sudare, assolutamente da rifare! Consigliato per chi ha poco tempo e ha voglia di fare un workout breve ma efficace!
Gloria Kaszyczky @gloria_kaci
December 28, 2020
Absolutely love this!!
It was so much fun and puts a smile on my face when I do it! I love the instructor and wish it was longer. Would love to see more from him!
December 27, 2020
Really got my heart pumping!!!
Loved it.
Vanessa @vanessarotinoco
December 18, 2020
So Much Fun!
I loved this class and Shahil's vibe! I hope he does more classes, and longer ones, for PopSugar!
August 17, 2020
FUN! Fun! Fun!
Great Cardio workout with awesome music!
Sonal Patel @sonalrp
August 11, 2020
i like this workout however luckily i had it saved on my phone from a while ago because the video here isnt working for me. anyways it was a lot of fun and i broke a good sweat from it.
Samara Jimenez @samaraj1018
July 15, 2020
Loved it!
This was a Bollywood first for me and it was so much fun. It's fairly easy to follow too. I just wish it was a longer!
fre @FredReynolds
July 14, 2020
Fun workout
Perfect for a break during the work day. Fun and energetic. I really enjoyed having some different moves from the classic cardio dance set!
Ann W. @annwalrus
July 09, 2020
I love this.
A snderful instructor leads an easy to follow workout I enjoyed leaning the Bollywood moves and the music.
Meg @nutmeg
July 06, 2020
Loved it
so much energy and enthusiasm
Martina Albuzzi @marti-into-fitness
June 01, 2020
So much fun
I hope there are more classes from this instructor and this type of cardio! Loved it, it was over too soon...
ana @anavic
May 28, 2020
It should be longer this is so much fun
Diana padilla @dianiquinn
May 21, 2020
So much fun!
This class was great! I wish it were longer than 10 minutes but I had a great time during it nonetheless. Would totally recommend!
Olivia @justletmeliv
May 18, 2020
Fun and efficient!
A very fun way to burn calories! I had a blast and hope to see more videos from this instructor on PopSugar soon
Celine @CCeline
April 28, 2020 Paris
5 stars for a fun workout
the instructor is very good and has so much charisma. Will do this definitely more often
Joy @choiahoi
April 14, 2020 Vienna
So fun!
wish it was longer! Great cardio!
Nicole Sajecki @nicfit43
April 12, 2020
fast fun gets your heart going, but not too hard
I like dance workouts that let you have fun and dont feel too hard. So this was great. But it was pretty fast paced so def got your heart going and sweaty. So not too hard and not too easy lol (for me anyway). He was encouraging and kept you going.
Shannon DiBenedetto @captmemphotos
April 01, 2020
love it
short but pretty complete and fun!
angelica gamarra @angieg9010
March 31, 2020
So much fun
Just a fun way to move your body and learn some new dance moves!!
Elena @ElenaIsella
March 28, 2020
So fun!
This workout is so much fun!
Kimberly Osgood @kosgood
March 24, 2020
AMAZING! We want more!!
Amazing work out! I love bollywood and Bangra!! Please do more of these videos!!
charitini @charit
March 24, 2020
Jollywood for Bollywood!
I sweated more in this 10min Bollywood routine than my usual 20min cardio workout! It was such fun. I loved the moves although I'm going to have to repeat the workout to get the moves right. I can't wait. Even my son enjoyed the workout and aced the moves.
Lisa @LisaDanceGirl
March 24, 2020
I love this and will repeat many times! GREAT teacher explains the moves so well. A bit wobbly on the first go, second much better.. Cant wait till tomorrow a new day!! YAY! THANK YOU ALL FOR SHARING POSITIVE VIBES when so needed
Dalia Saliamonas @dalia
March 23, 2020